From the Backwoods of Gainesboro, Virginia, Southern Governor is truly a distinctive rock and roll band.  With a style virtually impossible to compare, Southern Governor delivers a unique sound yet still stays true to the “Southern” made famous in the late 70’s.  While retaining that obvious influence – they are best described as heavy hitting rock with a southern grunge.  While being nestled in the sticks away from any major city, Southern Governor have solidified theirselves as the band and sound for the modern day simple man and woman.

“gritty guitars, deep bass groves, monstrous drumming and soulful vocals are what you will come to expect from these guys” – brian holt (plan b studios)


Southern Governor CD

“Southern rock in America is alive and healthy.  Southern Governor is a relatively new band from Virginia.  And is one of the hardest rockers in this genre.  I just happened to find them on soundcloud and the moment i heard their song American Pride i started listening to the other songs on the album, it’s fantastic music!  Nine tracks of southern rock heaven – on the boarder of heavy rock and southern rock, it is definitely time for Southern Governor!  Find it, listen to it and you will not regret it!” – David Gore (American Rock Show/Beat Radio)